The New Standard

The innovative DualGuard sets a new standard in endoscopic practices; it incorporates an endoscopy bite block with oxygen delivery and CO2 monitoring for use in upper endoscopy procedures through to recovery.

The Ultimate Endoscopy Solution

Delivers O2 and monitors CO2 from both the mouth and nose simultaneously.

Protection for Patient and Equipment

The Comfort Rest Bite Block fits securely and comfortably in the mouth, protecting both the patient’s teeth and endoscopy equipment.

All-In-One Kit

DualGuard incorporates: a Comfort Rest Bite Block; Detachable Dual Nasal Cannula; LuerSafe Oral Monitoring Line; 10ft O2 Tubing; and Adjustable Head Strap in one complete kit.

Care from Procedure to Recovery

The Detachable Dual Nasal Cannula can also be used for pre-procedure oxygenation.

Enables Clinical & Regulatory Compliance

DualGuard provides reliable O2 delivery and CO2 sampling, improving patient safety while fulfilling regulatory guidelines.

How It Works

Continuous oxygen delivery and CO2 monitoring during and post-procedure without the need to use another device.

Superior waveforms and reliable sampling for oral and/or nasal breathers even with sinus congestion or a deviated septum.

Flexicare’s unique cap-less self-sealing LuerSafe port only accepts the corresponding color-coded LuerSafe monitoring line to open the valve and provide oral CO2 sampling.

endoscopy Stage 1 | During Endoscopy with Oral and Nasal O2 Delivery and CO2 Monitoring
endoscopy Stage 2 | Post-Procedure and in Recovery with Continuous O2 Delivery and CO2 Monitoring

The Challenge

Many patients become significantly hypoxic during gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures.1 Following induced sedation during endoscopy, oxygen saturation falls moderately in most patients and quite profoundly in some to dangerously low levels. Hypoxia or hypercapnia may follow. Supplemental oxygenation during endoscopy has exerted by far the greatest impact on the reduction of the incidence of hypoxia in gastrointestinal endoscopy.2

The Requirement

According to American Society of Anesthesiologists’ (ASA) guidelines, during moderate or deep sedation the adequacy of ventilation shall be evaluated by continual observation of qualitative clinical signs and monitoring for the presence of exhaled carbon dioxide.3

1 Whorell PJ, Smith Cl, Fostveer KJ: Arterial blood gas tensions during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, Gut 1976:17: 797-800
2 T.J.Borody: Methods of Oxygen Delivery During Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Endoscopy 1994: 26: 320-321
3 American Society of Anesthesiologists. Standards for Basic Anesthetic Monitoring. 2011.


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The New Standard

How To Use


Contact Us to order today. Reference the part numbers below:

032-10-850U DualGuard Adult 10ft Line with Female Luer Lock 25
032-10-855U DualGuard Adult 10ft Line with Male Luer Lock 25
032-10-860U DualGuard Adult 10ft Line with Female Luer Lock Filter 25
032-10-865U DualGuard Adult 10ft Line with Male Luer Lock Filter 25
032-10-868U DualGuard Adult 10ft Line with Slip Luer Filter 25