The unique Dual Nasal Hood with LuerSafe provides optional CO2 monitoring during dental procedures that utilize nitrous oxide or other forms of sedation.

The Dual Nasal Hood is designed to provide desired gas to both nostrils and also sample CO2 at the same time. Quality CO2 waveforms are achieved as the patient’s expiratory flow will divert fresh gas away from the inhalation channel.

Unique LuerSafe Port

Dual Nasal Hoods feature Flexicare’s unique cap-less self-sealing LuerSafe port, which will only accept the correct corresponding color-coded LuerSafe monitoring line to be fitted to open the valve and provide uninterrupted flow to sample CO2 levels.

LuerSafe eliminates erroneous mis-connections to standard luer connections, ensuring a fail-safe connection to the monitoring port only.

Universal Adaptor

All Dual Nasal Hoods come with the LuerSafe monitoring line, which has a universal adapter that accommodates both male and female connectors.


Contact Us to order today. Reference the part numbers below:

035-55-310U Dual Capnography Nasal Hood with LuerSafe Line Small Single-Use Plain 20
035-55-320U Dual Capnography Nasal Hood with LuerSafe Line Medium Single-Use Plain 20
035-55-330U Dual Capnography Nasal Hood with LuerSafe Line Large Single-Use Plain 20